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Step 1

Explore findfree and select the product for trial. Product sheet consists of product name and product SKU

Step 2

Contact us for product keyword, brand, and store name. Make a purchase after our confirmation


Step 3

Write a review 3 to 5 days after product delivery, send us a screenshot of your review and wait for your refund via PayPal


FINDFREE is a new product testing platform that connects new amazon sellers with buyers. We provide 100% cashback on selected Amazon products.


These guys are awesome, followed the steps and there was a whole universe waiting for me. Buying cosmetics like crazy these days 😊

Samantha Joseph

One of my friends referred me to findfree and I was kinda sceptical at first. Why would someone give me a free product but I found no harm in trying. I am happy now. I am a single mom and now it is easier for me to take care of my child

Avis Winifred

I can’t believe it is that easy. From no where I received an email, made a purchase and got refunded within 2 days. I bought three times this month and they always made a refund as promised. 

Mary Lynn Smith

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